My website title

An example site home page for structRDFaL

Past and Present

The awkwardly named structRDFaL theme is a Jekyll theme primarily concerned with structured data (apply your own style!). SEO is actually a secondary concern. The structured data format I chose is RDFa Lite for its human readability and minimal repetition and coding requirements, unlike JSON-LD which essentially duplicates your page in the separated markup (not DRY at all) or microdata where there are so many more full URLs in itemtypes and the like.

While not a "true" standard, is a de facto standard due to its pervasiveness and that it was created by agreement between the major search engines. Hewing closer to the ideal of the semantic web, however, I have also included Dublin Core markup.

Speaking of standards and best practices, HTML5 Boilerplate was used as the initial basis. Alas, that to create the theme as a gem, the css and scripts directories cannot be at the site root as Boilerplate wants, and must instead go to /assets/css/ and /assets/scripts/. You can, of course, move those directories to where they "should" be and _config.yml the site settings to agree.

Within the context of the theme, however, almost everything is optional. Defaults are inferred where they make sense and small complications are handled for you. Bigger and more complicated things like the pricing structure for Events and internal Dublin Core markup are (at least in the first pass) left to you.

For the future

More Schemas, in particular I have implemented the HowTo set for a different site I'm working on. Also Review, Book, CollectionPage (ImageGallery).

Implement breadcrumbs

Responsiveness has been added! At least with respect to text. There is probably more (that should be?) done for images, but one thing at at time.

Late to the party, I am just learning SASS now (I was waiting to see which CSS preprocessor would win! (๑´ㅂ`๑ )), but I can see where it would make certain things easier and more flexible.